David has a Bachelor of Business and has worked in an IT Management role in a school.  During this time, he realised that the ‘Digital Age’ was having an huge impact on his health.  He is in the 4% of the population that can actually feel EMF’s and Dirty Power.  We often use him as our Canary!  He began researching the affects of technology on the population and ways to find a way to protect our family. He has a passion for enabling others to take control of their own health and works with them to find the best solutions for them.

Cheryle worked for many years in a Medical Laboratory has been working with Cellular Health for the last 5 years.  She believes that each of us needs to use conventional medicine wisely and that we should take control of our own journey to good health.   Her own experiences in that journey have led her to help others with that knowledge.  She is an advocate of the 80/20 rule.

Our Passions

We are passionate about people.  Living an abundant life with great health on our own terms and helping others to do the same.  We grow our own food where we can and use no chemicals on our bodies or in our homes.  This goes for our pets too!  We love the mountains where we live and also love to travel.   Cheryle loves to ‘art’ and David’s passion is his garden and the wildlife that comes in.  He is busy building nesting boxes to encourage more families to move in with us.

We are always working on ourselves with numerous courses to grow our knowledge and self-development.